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Kays Asia started as a Professional Conference Organizer for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry providing professional event management consultancy services encompassing all aspects of pre-event preparation to on-site logistics to post-event evaluation.   We have since expanded to include integrated marketing concepts to help companies achieve their marketing objectives. 

We also work very closely with the doctor communities in each country in providing CME meetings and seminars in the region.  We also provide "Train-the-Trainer" programs for doctors by doctors and experts.

We know that to sustain in this business, we have to provide unsurpassed service quality and value.  Our core values are integrity, timeliness and social responsibility. 

We manage our business based on our core values as these are the very foundation that Kays Asia is built upon.

Our Asian focus and experience also helps us to understand cultural and social differences in each country, thereby providing the best advice for our clients. 

To date, Kays Asia has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and India. 

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